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Work in Progress: 13th June

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Roadworks Triangle Flaming June?

Another week of various tasks for our volunteers to undertake.

1. With Midsummer's Day (Monday 24 June) rapidy approaching, this is what it was like at Woody Bay this Thursday morning!

2. Braving the rain and wind Don greases up points while in the background ISAAC is prepared by Graham, Dave and Roddy...

3. ...and was soon ready to move out for for the day's work.

4. FAITH, LYN, AXE and HEDDON HALL all stabled in the shed. In the middle foreground is a cast spectacle plate for a semaphore signal which has been renovated.

5. & 6. In the paint shop Geoff continued his painting efforts while Jim completed the renovation of the lamp fittings on the roof.

Today's quiz question

7. ...what are these?

Answer; new brake blocks for LYN.

8. John removes a brake block.

9. & 10. The item on the bench. The wear can be clearly seen. Note the grooved surface caused by LYN's unique Porta wheel profile.

11. Pete was machining the castings to exact dimensions and drilling for the fixings. As these new blocks are 30% longer, this should provide an extended life.

12. Behind the shed a small group were tidying up.

13. & 14. In the shop under the care of Tony, Dave was attending to yet another timber repair while on the other side of the shop Chris and Dave prepared to start their assessment of the site electrical systems.

15. 16. 17. & 18. And finally, some views of the first class compartments in Carriage No.7 which have been fitted with new carpet generously provided by Martyn, one of our newer Thursday volunteers. Yet another example of how much effort, materials and money is freely given by our supporters both in North Devon and elsewhere.

Words and photos Roger Bye.

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