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Work in Progress: 14th June


Roadworks TriangleNo Football here - Just Visitors and Volunteers!

Nigel Thompson - now back from holiday - has sent us this week's report

There's plenty of visitors about today - many of whom are making their first-ever visit to Woody Bay to sample a ride on the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway.

A good turnout too of volunteers, with half of the gang at the Rowley Moor trackbed, continuing the fencing projects along the railway's owned land.

1. & 2. A couple of fine views of LYN with the train near Woody Bay.

3. LYN after arrival at Woody Bay. Driver Graham Varney and fireman Graham Bridge.

4. Guard Dave Evans and visitors observe LYN during the run-round.

5. The shop did a steady trade all day.

6. Well stocked and prominently displayed " THE LYNTON AND BARNSTAPLE RAILWAY - A CELEBRATION " also available through the online shop.

7. & 8. A track gang of two, Mike and Peter, tackle the greasing of the fishplates along the lines in the platform with or without the train alongside.

9. & 10. Visiting from Yorkshire, volunteer Malcolm Tonge went around the site wiping all the signs clean.

11. Don Newnham carries out some restoration to the down starter wooden post signal.

12. In the shed, electrical Daves Drayson and Bloomfield continue to install steel conduit for the electrical supply in the extended and refurbished inspection pit. Each section of conduit has to be cut to length, a screw thread cut on each end, then screwed into the junction boxes. A laser level is used to get a straight run across the pit wall. A real work of art!

13. Engineer Peter Wainwright is busy commissioning a large, recently acquired, pillar drill in the workshop.

So just where are the Paint Shop boys?

14. Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann have temporarily relocated to inside the brake van to carry out woodwork repairs prior to a repaint, both inside and outside.

15. The ex MOD Brake Van was refurbished and adapted for L&B use several years ago. The Exmoor weather has once again taken its toll - the van will soon be moved into the paint shop for the boys to work on in comfort

16, Having demonstrated their proficiency in erecting concrete lineside fence posts on level ground last week, today's Thursday Challenge was to erect yet more posts, but this time up and down the side of an embankment.  Due to the steep terrain, some of the post holes had to be dug by hand...

17. ... the fence posts manhandled into position...

18. ...and when vertical, earth rammed firmly around them.

19. The line of lineside posts now extends in the Barnstaple direction from those erected last week ...

20. ...down one side of the embankment, and up the other.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson; 1,2,4-6,8,10,13-15 and Roger Bye; 3,7,9,11,12,16-20.

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