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Work in Progress: 14th March

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Roadworks TriangleMondays as well as Thursdays now!

With Nigel Thompson away this week, Roger Bye has kindly stepped in to send us this report regarding work carried out at Woody Bay Station and at Bridge 67.

Monday 11th March

With no trains running on Monday, there was an opportunity to replace some sleepers on Bridge 67. Individual sleeper replacement was impractical due to the narrow clearance and depth of ballast over the bridge, so one of the rails was lifted.

1. The rail has been lifted and the defective sleepers marked.

2. Removing the old sleepers to the cess.

3. The new sleepers in place ready for the base plates to be fastened down and the rail reinstalled.

Photos by Clive Robey

Thursday 14th March

Further sleeper replacement work was considered inadvisable today given the strong winds, so all work was restricted to Woody Bay Station.;

4. A works train was run to collect used sleepers...

5, & 6 ...and the sleeper built retaining wall alongside the shed road was extended...

7 the approval of General Manager Martyn Budd.

8, & 9. Trains were operating  today - hauled by LYN - for the benefit of visitors to the area looking for something to do at this time of year.

Other work was underway in the shed.

10. Dave has fitted some shelves in the extended workshop - how soon will these be filled up!

11. John was machining a head fitting for the new water column while at the back Pete was machining some vacuum brake couplings...

12.  ....which fitted!

13. With no carriage to work on, the Paint Shop Boys turned their attention to ISAAC .....

14. original L&B cast sign...

15.  ......and a Shunt Limit light fitting.

16. Fortified by lunch, two sleepers were replaced with some difficulty due to the siding point-work they supported and the limited access. However, persistence, ingenuity and considerable muscle won the day!

17, & 18. The enforced breaks due to the passage of trains were very welcome...

19. was the tea and cake provided later in the afternoon.

Words and photos by Roger Bye, apart from photos 1 to 3 by Clive Robey.

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