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Work in Progress: 15th March


Roadworks TriangleA 'normal day’!

An early spring day with sunny intervals. The train was running for the visitors, volunteers were busy progressing various projects, LYN was undergoing tests and the new enlarged inspection pit is nearing completion.

1. 2. & 3. Fine views in the sunshine of AXE with todays train approaching Woody Bay.

4. Due to various shunt moves, AXE had to depart from the down platform at times. Ali Burgess is ready with the green flag for fireman Mitch Wyatt, and driver Graham Bridge.

5. Engineers from Alan Keef's (builders of LYN) have been down this week making adjustments to LYN’s boiler pressure. The loco was steamed today as part of the tests.

6. The Thursday gang resumed tidying-up stored materials behind the down platform. Firstly, the spare switch rails for the crossover were moved into stock away from the platform end.

7. 8. & 9. The next job was to finish off last week's trench for the water pipe. Back filling, turf replacing and digging the last bit around the tree roots.

10. ISAAC's boiler cladding panels are now being painted olive green by Barrie Cann whilst....

11. ....Jim Pounds is sanding down the dome cover.

Words and Photos Nigel Thompson.

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