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Work in Progress: 15th November


Roadworks TriangleRemote monitoring of progress from overseas!!

With the L&B's General Manager, still experiencing the holiday of a lifetime (a bit further away than the IOW this time), it was up to the Thursday Gang to progress the list of several tasks he had left for us to undertake.

We hope that this Autumnal report of our work today will be appreciated by all L&B supporters many miles away from Woody Bay including those overseas - such as our GM!

Paint Shop Boys

1. Barrie Cann sands down a droplight window frame from Carriage No.17.....

2. ....whilst Jim Pounds is busy with repairs to the roof gutters.....

3. ....and Geoff Long is working on the window surrounds by the First-Class compartment.

ISAAC's long overhaul is almost complete, and the Bagnall 0-4-2T locomotive should be back in service ready for the 2019 season.

4. Graham Bridge was busy cleaning the rust from ISAAC's "French Side" slide bar, whilst an unseen Dave Pratt was doing the same to the "Welsh Side" slide bar.

5. Outside the shed, LYN is coupled to fellow SOUTHERN liveried PILTON.

Recent news this month revealed that LYN will once again be visiting North Wales as a rostered engine hauling the Snowdonian on Saturday April 13th 2019. The weekend will see LYD and LYN in action on the WHR section.

6. There were also some "odd-jobs" around the station today. Keith Lamprey, Anne Belsey, and Tim Woods pause after loading the dismantled small marquee tent, now ready for winter storage off site.

Sleeper Gang

7. Along the line, in the milder weather, members of the track gang continue replacing sleepers.

8. Other members of the gang drill and fix the track screws.

9. Dave Robinson has a go with the petrol-driven torque-wrench.


10. Dave Pratt, Graham Rust and Don Wood 'enjoy' their work today.

11. The L&BR's Orange Army at work on the sleeper replacement programme.

12. Finally the whole gang pose by the works train.

With such a large gang, the right weather and reliable tools, progress was good today with a further 22 sleepers replaced.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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