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Work in Progress: 16th May


Roadworks Triangle Brief but enlightening!

With Nigel having at short-notice a visit from friends, and no time to take photos for a report, he asked Graham Rust to do this on his behalf. So our thanks to Graham for this week's brief report

1. Back in service is Bagnall 0-4-2T ISAAC looking resplendent after a major overhaul. Looking equally resplendent in her Guards uniform is Anne who is securing the doors on carriage No.17.

2. Fireman Dave and Driver Graham sit and ponder the meaning of life in between trains.

3. The railway welcomes another new volunteer. On the footplate today is Jonathon - training to be a Fireman.

4. New-build L&B Baldwin LYN was having a routine service. In front, the vacuum cleaner is used to assist in the removal of ash and cinders that build up in the smokebox. The two-part spark arrester is on the left of the barrow. To the right Steve, Dave, Roger, Dave and Malcolm are unloading wood from the bogie wagon into the wood store. This will be used to light our steam locomotive fires in the morning.

Words and photos Graham Rust

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