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Work in Progress: 17th May


Roadworks TriangleBack to normal after the Gala - with added LYN!

The Gala was another successful weekend. Thanks to all those who helped to make it such another memorable event for the whole railway.

The first task for the volunteers was to take down and store away tables, chairs, tents, fences, fridges, barbecues, road signs etc, - to be ready again for the Autumn Gala in September.

The regular train service has resumed, and for this week, LYN is the rostered locomotive.

1. LYN at Woody Bay with crew: Driver Graham Bridge, and Fireman Dave Hallett.  General Manager Martyn Budd, is overseeing operations as the crew become competent with the new locomotive.

2, 3. Two fine views as LYN runs around the train at Woody Bay.

4. View from the Guard's ducket leaving Woody Bay.

5. LYN running around at Killington Lane.

6. LYN returning to Woody Bay.

7. Kevin, Peter, and new young volunteer Brandon, (assisted later by Roger Bye and Leon, another new volunteer) getting down (literally) to fishplate greasing. Eighteen rail joints were dealt with today - that's 144 fishplate bolts unscrewed, 72 fishplates released and greased and the 144 bolts tightened.

Another track gang was also busy today. The sleeper replacement party of Nick, Peter, Steve, and Dave continued progress down the line.

8. Today's Guards. Jim Price and Bob Ayres.

9. This week AXE is undergoing hydraulic tests and a boiler inspection to permit an extension to the boiler certificate so that the loco can partake in the November 11th Remembrance service marking the 100th Anniversary of the end of the first World War. AXE will return to service next week.

10. "The paint shop boys", Barrie and Jim are not painting today but measuring up for shelving to store the paints.

11. Keith Lamprey and Jim McFarlane digging in the woodlands. This channel will carry away storm water run-off from the drains installed last winter.

13. Carriage door lock repairs with Graham Varney, watched over by Alistair Burgess and Jim Price.

14. Don Newnham repainting the up starter signal post.

15. Some of today's gang enjoyed lunch out in the Devon sunshine.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson (4-7 Roger Bye)

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