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Work in Progress: 18th April


Roadworks TrianglePaint Shop Boys are Back! They're busy AND have increased in number!

Nigel Thompson is in the reporters chair again this week:

In the run-up to the Easter weekend, the railway is busy. A good selection of visitors, including several Trust Members with their families as well as many first-timers, called in to ride behind AXE with three heritage carriages.

Also, plenty of work for everyone on today's Thursday gang.

Visiting with his family from Essex was long-standing L&BR Trustee, Charles Summers, who instigated the Heritage Carriage rebuilding project.

1. Charles stands alongside all four heritage carriages at Woody Bay Station. The EAST Group are currently completing Carriage No.5, a composite - expected at Woody Bay later this year.

The Paint Shop Boys have a chance this week to complete the repaint on small Hunslet Diesel HEDDON HALL. Much preparation had been done a while ago but the pressure to prioritise the carriage work and as HEDDON HALL is used almost daily as a shunter and on works trains, this had delayed the repaint. So now today - and with four Paint Shop Boys - they were able to do a quick clean and begin the top-coat of paint.

2. The fourth Paint Shop Boy (2nd left) is new volunteer Roddy Haswell, from Lynton.

3. Jim, Barrie, Roddy, and Geoff pose by the front of HEDDON HALL as they progress with the repaint.

4. Thursday Guard, Bob Ayres discusses the latest L&B news with Tuesday Guard, Dave Evans.

The two smallest L&BR steam locomotives were receiving attention today

5.  Resident Engineer John Uphill prepares his loco - new build Bagnall type, FAITH (currently for sale) for its annual boiler inspection.

6. Miniature Railway loco LITTLE OLLIE was also inspected today, prior to occasional running days on the other railway at Woody Bay Station.

7. Contrastingly, the large diesel locomotive PILTON was busy with some carriage shunting this morningand is here seen coupled to Carriage No.16.

8. Regular Thursday Tea-Room volunteer Irene Cross folds a supply of napkins.

9. An expansion of the catering facilities in the marquee is the sale of hot pasties from the display cabinets.

10. AXE shunts FAITH into the shed. In the foreground is the recently updated locomotive information board.

11. Your Reporter Nigel Thompson with a recently painted sheet of wood which is a partition belonging to Santa's Grotto, but always stored in the marquee. Now ready to receive a top coat of green paint, the partition will be then used for displays of posters and pictures.

12. The 'other' Nigel (Spencer), was repairing and painting the wooden framed poster boards on Woody Bay Station.

Back to the Paint Shop Boys progress.

13. HEDDON HALL is now in mid-Brunswick Green livery, as Jim and Barrie complete the painting of the back of the cab.

14. Roddy Haswell enjoying his day painting the loco's frames.

15. Whilst Jim and Geoff are busy on the other side.

This set of photos comes from Graham Rust who was out with the track gang.

16. Greasing the fishplates.

17. AXE passes - Graham's Bridge and Varney are today's footplate crew.

18. The rest of the Thursday Gang using the vertical tampers to keep the line in top condition ready for this years season.

Words and photos 1 - 15, Nigel Thompson. 16 - 18 by Graham Rust.


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