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Work in Progress: 18th January


Roadworks TriangleSeasonal activities!

Nigel's back after visiting family and friends to provide us with this week's report.

It's January and it's wintry. A good-many of the Thursday gang were out and about braving the cold showers.

Projects on the go today included some re-sleepering of the crossing timbers under the Barnstaple end crossover turnout either side of the pull rod. These new sleepers are hardwood Jarrah and are installed at the ends of the turnouts which hold together the point rodding, facing point locks and signal detection rods. All the crossing timbers in this crossover are to be re-sleepered during the forthcoming working weekend.

1. A new sleeper is slid into place at the Barnstaple end of the turnout.

2. This sleeper also has the facing-point lock attached.

3. Another job today was to "disguise" the relaid pit road to the shed by spreading loco ash on top of the new ballast and new sleepers. Now it looks as though nothing has happened here, but as last weeks photos show the gang relaid this whole length from the shed to the turnout.

4. In the paint shop Barrie Cann is mixing up an interesting looking potion. No it's not cider!

5. Jim Pounds is fine painting the lines of grain on the door frame in the observation compartment within heritage carriage No.7.

6. With Hunslet Diesel Heddon Hall shunting wagons nearby the gang continue to fix down the new sleepers. Frequent hail showers interrupted the work at times as everyone ran for cover at the nearby mess room.

7. Close up of the new sleepers now installed.

8. More shunting with the works train - putting the wagons in the right order in preparation for the work to be undertaken at the Working Weekend.

Other work underway today included more winter maintenance on ISAAC, and the preparation for fitting of some low wattage heaters into the first class compartments in coach 17 to keep these compartments aired during the time the carriages are not in use over the winter. Also more platform seat painting and further tidying of the trackwork tools ready for mass use in the forthcoming working weekends.

Words and pictures Nigel Thompson

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