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Work in Progress: 18th October


Roadworks TriangleAutumn is upon us!

With Nigel away this week, Roger Bye has stepped up and sent us this report of work in progress at Woody Bay this week.

"After the high-profile excitement and announcements at the Gala, it was back to the day-to-day work required to keep the railway operating successfully."

1. After manning an early works train to deliver new sleepers along the line, today's track gang set off under a glorious autumnal sky for another session of sleeper replacement.

2. AXE was outside being prepared for service by driver Graham...

3.. whilst inside the shed Dave and John attended to the (not easily got at!) cylinder securing bolts on LYN. Beyond, the two electrical Daves ponder...

4... the day's electrical installation work required to be carried out in the inspection pit.

5. & 6. In the paint shop, Geoff and Barrie, two of the "Paint Shop Boys, touched up the paint on the Guard's Van.

7. A number of late holidaying visitors, from as far apart as Essex and Brisbane, enjoyed the autumn sun aswell as their trips on the train passing.

There have been rumours that the yellow spray paint cans (used to mark life-expired sleepers) are being spirited away to control the General Manager's enthusiasm for condemning sleepers!  The second-hand and almost life-expired sleepers, used to lay the line over 12 years ago, are now in need of replacement - the North Devon climate at 1000 feet having taken it's toll . Today ten of these were replaced with new hardwood sleepers. There is still plenty more work to be done over the winter months!

8. The Beech Tree copse with the stacks of new sleepers placed there earlier this morning.

9. The sizeable track gang replacing the life-expired sleepers marked with a yellow cross - as seen in the foreground of this photo.

10. Although passenger services interrupt the work, they do give the gang the chance to stand back and enjoy the view as the trains pass.

11. Not too far away, Don was taking advantage of the fine dry conditions to apply a protective layer of paint to various pieces of signalling equipment. Don has not lost control of his paint brush; his raised hand is an acknowledgment to the loco crew that he is aware of the approaching train.

12. With the late afternoon train, AXE heads back up to Woody Bay Station through the beautiful North Devon countryside.

These weekly reports show only a fraction of the huge amount of work that is regularly undertaken by the volunteer and paid staff in operating the railway and maintaining the infrastructure, carriages and locomotives of which we are all justly proud.

Now what''s all this about an extension to Wistlandpound?

Words and photos Roger Bye

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