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Work in Progress: 19th July


Roadworks TriangleThe heat wave continues....

This weeks report comes from Nigel Thompson:

The hot sunny weather continues in North Devon this summer. Despite the obvious beach attractions as competition many new visitors are dropping by for their Lynton & Barnstaple Railway experience.

1. LYN back working the train today after the recent boiler pressure adjustments.

2. Fireman Dave Hallett and Driver Graham Varney pose from the cab of LYN whilst at the coaling stage.

3. Guard John Bond keeps a watchful eye as LYN passes during a run-round.

4. In the shop Tony Cross prices up some new stock items.

5. Dave Evans is redecorating the old ladies waiting room (now staff) toilet.

6. Dave Pratt and Graham Rust have a go at cutting up old pallets to use as lighting up firewood.

7. Nigel Spencer has found another section of fence railings to clean and paint. This area is by the gateway to Moorlands Hotel.

8. In the shed progress with ISAAC - including new couplings.

9. Peter Wainwright has been machining new signalling pins for the future.

10. Paint Shop Boys Jim and Barrie continue to remove and patch repair wooden rotted sections of the Brake Van.

11. Geoff Long has recently joined the Paint Shop Boys team. Geoff has been tasked with the wooden repairs inside the van.

There was also progress on the fencing projects along the railway's land at Rowley Moor and also at Fairview, Parracombe.

Words and pictures: Nigel Thompson

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