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Work in Progress: 19th October


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This week's report comes from Nigel Thompson:

Visitors to the L&BR at Woody Bay today enjoyed a ride behind the Trust's own Kerr-Stuart 0-6-0T locomotive, AXE (built in 1915) rebuilt and restored by the Gartell Light Railway in 2009.

Our resident engineer John Uphill, who did much of the restoration work on AXE (back when he worked for Gartells') was today's driver, expertly handling AXE with three carriages up the 1 in 50 gradient on slippery autumnal wet rails into Woody Bay.

1, 2, 3. AXE departs Killington Lane on the steepest part of the climb back towards Woody Bay.

4. AXE arrives at Woody Bay.

5. Fireman Dave Hallett uncouples AXE from the train.

6. Driver John Uphill in the cab ready to move off for the run-round.

7. It was quite a busy day again. After lunch visitor numbers were swelled by an unadvertised coach party and a class of primary school children from Bratton Fleming.

8. The volunteers were busy too. In the repainted paint shop, Jim Pounds assesses his next project - heritage carriage No.7 which is in need of bodywork repairs and a repaint this winter.

Other work in the shed today included some tidying within the workshop in preparation for a newer, larger, lathe to be installed next week.

Meanwhile up the line.

9. The track gang were active with another four sleepers replaced this morning...

10. ... with help from new young volunteer, Ryan (left) who was as keen as the oldies to continue the work.

11. And finally ... Brod Bass and Geoff Cowan (who successfully organised the car parking arrangements for the recent gala) taking a holiday to experience Woody Bay as visitors today.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson. (Roger Bye photos 1,2,3, 9 & 10)

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