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Work in Progress: 1st December


Roadworks TriangleWhat a day!

With Nigel Thompson working in splendid isolation at Chelfham, Roger Bye has once more compiled and sent us this week's report:

1. Despite journeys featuring fog, ice, and freezing temperatures, once at Woody Bay, Thursday Gang members were treated to this lovely view.

In recognition of the assistance provided by the Calvert Trust in allowing us access to the L&B trackbed over their field, two new gates and a removable post and rail barrier were to be installed there today.

2. Armed with tools, gates and fencing materials, the gang transferred to the Calvert Trust's field next to the trackbed that was cleared this weekend by the Working Party.

3. First the barrier was erected...

4, & 5. ... while another team, assisted by the post hole augur on the digger, installed steel posts and a gate between two fields.

6. Then the posts and gate at the road access were installed.

7. The job complete with gates and barriers all in place.

8. The Santa Specials are coming!

While the well-photographed weekend work at Wistlandpound was under way - click HERE and HERE, another group of dedicated volunteers had been busy preparing for the well subscribed Santa Specials. See HERE

9. Santa had arrived with his reindeer...

10. & 11. ...and Santa’s Grotto had been erected in the marquee.

Other work was in hand today at Woody Bay Station. 

12. & 13. In the Paint Shop Jim Pounds (left) and Barrie Cann continued with the carriage preparation and repainting.

14. Pilton’s fuel tank, now complete with filler neck, had been fitted.

John Uphill was attending to a leak from Isaac’s safety valve/boiler flange.

15. The modern (non-hazardous) material now used for the gasket instead of the original asbestos based material...

16. ...has a tendency to become brittle, leading to steam leaking from the joint.

17. Also today, John lapped one of ISAAC's ejector non-return (clack) valves to improve the seal.

18. Dick Gunn was elsewhere painting the posts of the next two signals under construction, while in the background, Don Newnham, Ali Burgess, and Trevor Buck reorganised the storage of nearly completed signals.

19. And, after the winter sun had melted the frost on the platform where it shone between the wagons in the dock, another Thursday’s work under blue skies drew to a close.

Words and pictures by Roger Bye

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