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Work in Progress: 1st November


Roadworks TriangleOnly works trains today!

With November marking the end of the main operating season, the railway is currently only open on Tuesdays. This allows essential maintenance to be carried out during the rest of the week.

Sleeper replacement is still the main task for the Thursday Gang as there are still several softwood sleepers (installed many years ago) that are now considered life-expired.

1. Three of the carriages stand in the down platform.

2. Peter Smith and Dave Pratt cut up more scrap wood for loco fire-lighting.

In the shed

3. Dave Evans prepares an insulation panel for the water treatment shed.

4. Dave Hallett uses a needle-gun to clean up LYN's blast pipe.

5. The signalling team were busy too. Don Newnham supervises as Brandon Morey installs a new pin into the switchbar for the loading dock turnout.


6. Hunslet diesel HEDDON HALL was being used with today's works train.

7. New sleepers were delivered to their sites directly off the wagon. Roger Bye about to take another sleeper from the stack.

8. The gang stands back as the works train approaches.

9. Old sleepers laid out ready for collection by the works train.

10. The Gang in action as another sleeper is removed.

11. Oh No! General manager, Martyn Budd has a new white spray can to mark up yet more sleepers that need changing as he walks down the line.

12. Paint Shop Boys Barrie, Jim and Geoff carrying out some minor repairs to Carriage No. 17.

14. & 15. A packed Mess Room for the 3pm tea-break.

Words and photos Nigel Thompson

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