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Work in Progress: 20th April


Roadworks TriangleStill busy and still Easter Holidays (for some)!

This weeks report comes from Nigel Thompson:

Although the children here in Devon have returned to school, it seems there are many families still on holiday from ‘up country’ enjoying the attractions this week.

The Easter Sunday Funday had been an outstanding success with over 400 people carried om the day and over 200 on the miniature railway which was also operating over Easter.

Today was back to being a ‘normal’ operating day and the volunteers were about completing several useful tasks and projects around the site.

1. Thursday Guard Bob Ayres on duty in carriage No.16's guards compartment as the train travels down the line.

2. At Killington Lane, Guard Bob operates the point levers whilst AXE runs round the train.

3. The job here was for Dave Pratt, Dave Evans and Don Wood to creocote the wooden shelter and nearby wooden fencing.

4. From the ground disc shunt signal AXE is now back on the train to prepare for departure.

5. Driver Graham Varney and Fireman Julian Sinclair pose with Bob with AXE on a three-carriage train.

6. & 7. A view from the Guard’s ducket window as the train approaches the track gang. Ali Burgess on Lookout duty as the track gang continue the annual fishplate greasing programme which has now reached the beech trees above Killington Lane.

8. Back in the dry of the shed, Trevor Buck was busy filing his knobs! These are new knobs which adorn the top of the signal posts platform safety surround.

9. Rolling stock painters Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann have now started work on our large diesel PILTON. The cab was lowered last year to fit the L&BR’s loading gauge.

10. There’s lots to do prior to the repaint. Jim and Barrie have progressed well already with much spots of red oxide primer visible for the next stage of preparation and painting.

11. Some recently donated garden gnomes (repainted by the children on Easter Funday) have been displayed in the woodland walk area appropriately by ‘Little Dave’, Dave Pratt.

12. Another project today was creocoting the fence by the shed viewing area. ISAAC is on display outside the shed whilst Dave Evans, Dave Pratt and Don Wood continue the painting.

13. Finally a view of AXE just after arrival at Woody Bay.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson.

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