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Work in Progress: 20th July


Roadworks TriangleA damp day in Devon!

With Nigel Thompson still away on holiday, Dave Bloomfield has stepped in to send us this weeks report.

The weather today started off as overcast and cool with rain expected around midday. The rain turned to a downpour later on. This really only affected the track gang. The rest of us were in the dry. Never mind we did think of them.

Many tasks were undertaken today, some are shown in the pictures below. Trevor Buck and I worked on an odd fault on the dummy signal indicator switch. An interesting fault that taxed a couple of old brains or at least mine, with a good outcome in the end.


1. The first train of the day hauled by AXE arrives back at Woody Bay. Today's crew was Driver Graham Varney, Fireman John Heys and Guard Bob Ayres.

2. Nigel Spencer putting the primer coat on the garden doors.

3. Dave Drayson fitting an outside light in the open dining area.

4. John Uphill working on ISAAC's smoke box.

5. Peter Wainwright turning-up pins on the recently delivered lathe.

6. The next stage of the refurbishment of the L&B terminus sign. Now painted in red oxide and the letters picked out in white.

7. The inside of PILTON’s cab being cleaned ready for a paint job - Barrie Cann with banister brush in hand. Barrie’s wife might just show him where these brushes are kept at home!

8. Dave Evans fitting a colourful bolt to the new machine shop doors.

9. The ever-smiling Ali Burgess. A view from the back of the signal cabin whilst some maintenance was being carried out.

10. The last two sleepers of the day being changed.

11. The track crew step aside as ISAAC passes.

Words and photos by Dave Bloomfield

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