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Work in Progress: 20th June

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Roadworks Triangle Midsummer odd jobs!

With the railway open every day and busy with visitors, there's plenty to do for the Thursday Gang, both at Woody Bay and at other railway-owned sites.

1. During the heavy showers last week, the station building guttering leaked, so today Dave Evans and Dave Bloomfield, assisted by Don Newnham, replaced the section over the platform.

2. The gang pause, whilst ISAAC returns with the train.

3. Guard Bob Ayres, Fireman Dave Hallett (uncoupling) and Driver Graham Bridge.

4. Hunslet diesel D6652 is in the Paint Shop where Geoff Long thoroughly cleans the bodywork.

5. Having been stored out of use due to gearbox failure, the loco is now to undergo repairs.

Elsewhere some of the Thursday Gang were replacing line-side fencing.

6. This was at our length of trackbed at Dean Steep near Barbrook.

7. The first task was to remove the top wires and put these in a dumpy bag.

8. The next task was to replace these with three lengths of new wire seen here being undertaken by Steve, new volunteer Gerry, Dave, Dave, Anne, Martyn and Keith.

9. This was followed by the removal of the bottom three wires. Only the bottom wire was replaced as stock-proof fencing will be used to cover the gap where the 4th and 5th wires would have been.

10. This photo shows the stock-proof fencing being installed and the wires being tensioned.

11. Dave and Gerry add the finishing touches. Not bad for a day's work!

Words and photos 1-5 by Nigel Thompson, 6- 11 by Graham Rust.

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