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Work in Progress: 21st June


Roadworks Triangle Summer Solstice!

This week's report is provided by Roger Bye and Graham Rust:

1.The recent overcast weather was replaced by bright if windy conditions at Woody Bay as AXE stands ready to depart with a morning train under the care of two Grahams.

2. Up above, youngest Thursday volunteer Brandon works on one of the signals, under the supervision of Don...

3. ... whilst down below, the two Daves continue with the electrical installations in the inspection pit.

4. On the platform, visitors relax in the sun while Dave and Ali work on the track.

5. PILTON and AXE take a break over lunch...

6. ... as do the Thursday volunteers - including Chris, a new volunteer from Tiverton.

7. In the shed, Barrie and Jim start work on the restoration of the goods brake van...

8. ...while John cleans LYN's boiler tubes.

9. Meanwhile, down on the farm; some of the Thursday Gang were tasked with removing the lower limbs from some trees growing on a Devon bank, to clear space for a new stockproof fence to be erected alongside the bank.

10. The excavator, fitted with the augur, was again used to make the holes for the new fence posts - so much better than hand digging!

11. The new posts were installed and vertical alignment checked before the holes were back-filled and tamped.

12. Having installed the new posts, the excavator was then used to remove the old ones...

13. ...and any old fencing wire was also removed.

14. The line of new fence posts ready for the wire to be added. Will this be the next task? Find out in next week's exciting installment!

15. Imagine AXE returning to Woody Bay with an afternoon train from Blackmoor passing the new fence!

Words and photos by Roger Bye (1-8, 15) & Graham Rust (9-14)

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