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Work in Progress: 22nd December


Roadworks TriangleA bumper selection of festive scenes from the L&BR this week

To begin - a brief update from Chelfham.

1. Last Sunday, one of our newer volunteers at Chelfham, Lynda Swallow brought us a special ‘Chelfham’ Christmas Cake she had made.

2. A last view of the ‘Chelfham’ lettered cake before consumption.

3. Some outside work did take place. Cutting back of the overgrowth to reveal………

4. ……the old summer-house in the woods.

Woody Bay Thursday 22nd

5. ISAAC approaches Woody Bay in the winter sunshine with a Santa Special.

6. Today's Shop Staff, Rob Baker, Mel Maddocks and Tony Cross - ready for the visitors.

7. Catering Manager Judy Williams and Irene Cross also await the arrival of the train....

8. does Santa.

9. Our visitors and their children are entertained in the marquee.

10. Santa about to enter his Grotto ready for the next trainload of excited children…..

11. ISAAC’s footplate crew were Driver Graham Varney and Fireman Julian Sinclair.

12. ISAAC departs Woody Bay with the 12:00 Santa Special.

The Thursday volunteers were active thoughout the day.

13. Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann were ‘on shed’ with Carriage No.17.

14. A festive Nigel Spencer was still busy working on the railings.

15. A good turnout for the track gang. The Santa Hat acting as lookout?

16. Dave Robinson has a new drill bit for those new holes required in the replacement sleepers.

17. The Gang stands back for the 14:00 train to pass. 12 more sleepers were changed today.

18. ISAAC runs round at Killington Lane to the visitors’ interest.

19. Festively attired Guard Bob Ayres at the lever frame at Killington Lane.

20. ISAAC ready to depart.

21. A steamy departure from Killington Lane.

22. Back at Woody Bay and our visitors and their children are greeted by our entertainer, before seeing Santa in his Grotto.

23. The END. Guards Jim and Bob in Coach No.16 as another day of successful Santa Special's comes to a close.
All remaining Santa Specials are fully booked.

On behalf of all the Thursday Gang volunteers, I would like to wish all the readers of these WIP pages, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2017. I would also like to especially thank Roger Bye, Graham Bendell and Dave Bloomfield for writing these reports when I was unavailable.


Words and photos: Nigel Thompson.

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