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Work in Progress: 22nd February


Roadworks TriangleSleepers, sleepers and a hole! (And a social!) ...

A new inspection pit in the shed was dug out this week. Most of the work being is carried out by the building contractor, as preparation today was to lay the concrete floor to the pit.

1. A variety of works trains have been running all week. AXE worked many trips taking the spoil to Killington Lane. Today, PILTON was used with a DZ open wagon to bring ready mix aggregate down from the car park.

2. Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann are sanding down some of ISAAC's boiler covers on the new bench in the paint shop.

3. Dave Evans has been carrying out repairs to the picnic tables currently stored in the marquee.

4. The Tuesday gang have progressed well with cable runs for the new up starter signal. Next week they hope to complete this project.

5. So keeping out of the way of the contractors building the pit, a mass gang of 14 today went down the line to continue replacing sleepers. Assisted by Phil Rawstron and Peter Jones from the Surrey group, a few more sleepers on the curve were tackled this morning.

6 & 7. Many hands working together at this point.

8. & 9. Almost too many people on this job but some could even act as a wind-break on this bitterly cold day.

10. Drilling holes in the new hardwood sleepers.

11 & 12. What on earth is going on here? Caption competition ...

The previous evening, an occasional social evening had been arranged at Ilfracombe. So allowing a few volunteers who live nearby to enjoy a drink there. In total twelve Devon Group members attended.

13. Everyone happy at the Wetherspoons pub at Ilfracombe. After a meal, there was even time for another beer for some at the Hip and Pistol pub nearby.

14. Five came by bus from Barnstaple. After such a good night the tired group wait for their late evening bus to depart.

Words and Photos Nigel Thompson.

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