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Work in Progress: 22nd June


Roadworks TriangleMixed traffic!

This week's report is provided by Dorset irregular Graham Bendell

The weather was much cooler than of late but variations around the site were quite marked with the cutting behind the shed being very humid as the breeze didn’t get in there. Work centred on Woody Bay Station and the Running Shed today. Train loadings were good with a steady throughput of visitors all day with at least one person took a footplate ride.

1. ISAAC, crewed today by Graham Varney (driver) and Andy Foster (fireman), takes out the 10.45 train.

2. Visiting volunteer "Michael", very smartly turned out, gives the platform a sweep between trains.

3. Electrician, Dave Bloomfield, fixes the thermostat in an urn. An indispensable item for the catering side of the operation.

4. In the workshop, Peter Wainwright manufactures more components for the S&T team.

5. Resident Engineer, John Uphill prepares a coupling shank to take a new spring. All of the L&B style Calthrop couplings are being resprung and the shanks have to be modified to accept the new springs.

6. John cutting a piece of plate for the S&T gang.

7. Barry Cann and Jim Pounds prepare PILTON for varnishing.

8. Dave Evans installs a new doorway to the workshop.

9. The raised vegetable bed is coming along nicely and will soon be providing very fresh veg for the Tea-Rooms.

10. ISAAC on lunch break!

11. Newly arrived, a platform trolley, ex Braunton Station, awaits some t.l.c. It was already undercover in the shed by close of play.

12. The Woodland Walk proves popular with visitors and during the past few days would have provided some very welcome shade.

13. Nigel Spencer doing what Nigel does well! The station looks all the better for his efforts.

14. In the “muggy cutting" the sides were cut back and the scrub taken up to the end.

15. Dave Pratt keeps a low profile as he trims the vegetation at the side of the shed.

16. The straining post of a new fence line is put in. The alignment of the post was under “discussion” when Graham took the photo.

17. Post holes dug, Dave Robinson plants one while Roger Bye and Keith Lamprey prepare to put the next one in.

18. The fence is being put in to prevent anyone from taking a short cut down the steep bank. Several lucky escapes having been witnessed recently.

19. Last job of the day was the removal of a short length of post and rail fence. As the timber was destined for lighting up, it was left to Ali Burgess to apply some youthful brute force while the rest of us shouted encouragement!

20. Afternoon tea and cake was taken in the garden.

Words and photos by Graham Bendell.

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