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Work in Progress: 22nd March


Roadworks TriangleWorking Weekend Day One!

There was another heavy snowfall last weekend which cut off Lynton, Lynmouth and Parracombe again. No one could get to Woody Bay until Wednesday when trains resumed for just one day. Those trains hauled by AXE were the last to travel over the old 1 in 5 turnouts at Killington Lane prior to the commencement of the March Working Weekend today, Thursday. The end of an era that had begun with Bronllwyd back in 2006.

1. To begin with, the track gang quickly disconnected the track from the turnouts requiring removal. Martyn Budd in the excavator lifted the panels out of the way and begun regrading the tracked to the correct levels as checked by Alistair Hall.

2. Further back, a gang gathered around the long sleepers on which the shunt signal is fixed to discuss the next move.

3. & 4. PILTON and Carriage No.16 were used for the volunteers' transport and shelter.

5. & 6. The repositioned signal is then screwed down to fix it in place.

7. At the other end of Killington Lane, this turnout, which used to serve the headshunt siding, is now disconnected and ready to be lifted out.

8. Lunchtime, and Graham Varney is serving cups of tea from the brake compartment of Carriage No.16.

9. The gang enjoying their lunch inside Carriage No.16.

10. Slewing the loop line as viewed from the shunt signal.

11. Back at Woody Bay, more progress on the new down platform up starter signal, as the signalling team of Don Newnham and Dick Gunn...

12. ...prepare the cable for the detector mechanism.

13. This week's "paint shop boys" photo shows Jim Pounds preparing ISAAC's dome, while Barrie Cann works on the boiler cladding covers.

14. Peter Wainwright is in the workshop machining new pins for the carriage door locks.

15. Some tidying up at the shed entrance by Keith Lamprey and Tim Woods in preparation for concreting the enlarged inspection pit.

6. Nigel Spencer re-painted another bench seat today - only three remain to be finished.

Words and photos Nigel Thompson.

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