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Work in Progress: 25th January


Roadworks TriangleSevered! Major engineering works underway at Woody Bay.

This weeks bumper photo report comes from Roger Bye and Nigel Thompson

No 'rail replacement buses' offered this week between Woody Bay and Killington Lane as the relaying of the crossover begins in advance of this week's working weekend.

1.-7. Pre-lunch track lifting.

8. Jim and Keith (nearest) and Dave and Graham - culvert clearing.

9.-11. Concrete point rodding “horse” reclamation and installation for a new signal.

12. Some of today's Thursday gang pose on the site of the now removed crossover.

13. A strange sight with just the sleeper voids of the crossover. Nigel remembers the initial laying of these points on the then new ballast back in spring 2003.

14. As previously mentioned - with this relaying project the opportunity is available to install a new signal on the down platform for shunts and departures. This requires a concrete base called a "horse" (see photos 9-11) a hole for which was dug out by the gang today.

15. The new signal will be installed into this small hole hand dug today.

16. In the shed, the short lattice post on which the new new signal will be mounted, has been cleaned and painted. Tim Woods paints the black lower section.

17 This is the refurbished shunt signal that will sit on top of the signal post.

18. Serious work - as Martyn Budd in the excavator commences to scrape and level off the formation. Alistair Hall has the laser surveying equipment programmed to the right gradient.

19. The contaminated ballast/spoil is dug out and tipped into the waiting works train alongside.

20. The base and tripod for the surveying all set with the station behind.

21. The labelled rail sections of the points and numbered crossing timbers sleepers ready for this weekend's relaying project.


22. Michael Uphill positions HEDDON HALL with the works train.

23. Malcolm cleaning point and signal mechanisms.

24. In the shed a masked Barrie Cann sands down an area to be painted on carriage No.7 as...

25. ....Jim Pounds paints the coupling spring at the Barnstaple end of the carriage now gradually nearing completion.

26. Working inside the Marquee are Terry Masterson and Nigel Spencer - busy with the annual platform seat repairs and repainting programme.

27. With such a large gang today, the afternoon work was split as a re-sleepering gang prepared to tackle a few sleepers on the running line just below the car park.

28 & 29. Orangemen still re-sleepering!

30. A view of one of the culverts. These allowed the recent heavy rain water to run off from the A39 and from our fields and pass under the track at this point.

31. Keith Lamprey and Graham Rust pause after the ditch/culvert clearing.

Words and Photos Roger Bye 1-11, 15 & 23. Remainder, Nigel Thompson.

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