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Work in Progress: 25th May


Roadworks TriangleThe hottest day this summer?!

Graham Bendell and Graham Rust have provided this weeks photo-fest.

1. ISAAC was in charge of the service trains today. Driver Graham Varney is in the cab.

2. ISAAC runs round at Killington. Fireman Andy Foster looks down from the cab.

3. The sleeper replacement gang take a break as ISAAC climbs the bank.  As there is no shade on this section of the line, a cool breeze kept conditions tolerable.

4. It's perfect weather for sleeper replacement, so the Thursday Gang get stuck in. The old sleepers are removed and put on the left. The new replacement sleepers are on the right.

5. Just before lunch the generator stalled and failed to start. The fuel hose was found to be split so an early lunch was called. After lunch even with a new fuel hose fitted, the generator still failed to start, so was returned to Woody Bay for further investigation.

6. The three coach set stands in the sun. In the middle distance, on the left, James Bloomfield can be seen “meeting and greeting”. He was in conversation with interested visitors for most of the day.

7. The woodland walk provided refreshing shade for visitors ……

8. …. but the railway isn’t far away. & 9. Green paint application continues unabated with Terry Masterson wielding the brush.

10. Ken Cox was planting the raised vegetable bed to provide home grown produce for the tea room.

11. Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann complete PILTON’s first coat of black gloss paint....

12... and then Jim sets to work painting the engines side panels.

13. Nick Slade refitting the brake end coupling on Carriage No.17 after the coupling spring was changed.

Unseen, in the workshop, John Uphill and Peter Wainwright were producing components for the signalling equipment under restoration by Don Newnam and Trevor Buck.

14. In the shop, having just persuaded the photographer to carry several boxes up to the stock room, Mel Maddocks and Gayle Ward take a breather.

15. Meanwhile back outside, Terry Masterson paints the platform fence under the scrutiny of Daves Bloomfield and Evans.

16. Guard Bob Ayres changes the points at Woody Bay signal cabin ….

17…. as ISAAC runs-round.

18. AXE warms through in readiness for a test run on the last train of the day.

19. Carriage No.17 is drawn from the shed.

20. Among our visitors today was a volunteer from the Avon Valley Railway Carriage & Wagon department, Angela Buckhill. With her interest in upholstery, Angela was given a close up view of Carriage No. 17’s first-class compartments by Bob Ayres, who also took the photograph.

21. AXE now in the up platform waits for teh diesel Heddon Hall to retire to the shed ….

22.…  before coupling to Carriage No. 17, ready to attach it to the Barnstaple end of the service train. Resident Engineer, John Uphill checks that he still has a full set of digits on his left hand!

Words and photos by Graham Bendell apart from 4 & 5. which are by Graham Rust.

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