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Work in Progress: 25th October


Roadworks TriangleHalf term week!

Many visitors about in North Devon this week during the schools half-term. It was quite busy earlier in the week when the weather was warmer, today the weather is a bit cooler.

1. LYN was back in action today with a 3 carriage train.

2. The railways enthusiastic young 'helper', Harry, was assisting today; here posing alongside LYN with Driver Graham Bridge. Fireman Graham Rust uncouples the train.

3. Guard Jim Price taking the tail lamp from one end of the train to the other. This has to be done after every trip.

In the morning the track-gang was working up the line replacing another 9 sleepers until a generator failure prompted an early lunch. Afterwards the gang visited the Trust's newly acquired trackbed at Dean Steep near Lynton to prepare for the upcoming fencing and maintenance to be undertaken during the November working weekend.

4. In the workshop, Peter Wainwright is busy with the milling machine.....

5. ....fabricating a bracket for AXE to support the bell required for the WW1 Armistice 100 years Remembrance Service on Sunday 11th November.

6. Electrical Dave Bloomfield down in the inspection pit fixing covers to the sockets installed above the bench.

7. The other "Electrical Dave" (Drayson) was at the shed's fuse box connecting up the wiring.

8. & 9. Although there is no view of the "Paint Shop Boys" in action this week, their latest finished project - the Brake Van - was shunted out on display in the loading dock.

10. Anne Belsey and Tony Cross in the booking office awaiting our next visitors whilst....

11. .... Irene Cross (Tony's wife and member of the Tea Room staff) finds a suitable sign to pose alongside during a quiet moment at Woody Bay. A real coal fire too!

Words and photos Nigel Thompson

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