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Work in Progress: 26th January


Roadworks TriangleVery cold and windy - but it is winter after all!

This week's report was provided by Nigel Thompson.

Tarmac surfacing complete.

1. Volunteers' cars parked on the new area of tarmac by the station.

2. The Tea Rooms Marquee floor also received a layer of tarmac this week.

Prior to the forthcoming Working Weekend, the main task for today's volunteers was to prepare the other occupation crossing near Bridge 67 for relaying with Jarrah sleepers.

3. The gang and the excavator on site and ready for action.

4. Lifting the wooden arris rail sections out of the way.

5. Once the track was removed, the excavator scraped the ballast level courtesy of Alistair Hall's (on the right) use of high-tech laser equipment.

6, 7, & 8. Under a clear, blue, but bitterly cold sky, the rails are placed onto the new sleepers and set to gauge.

9. Track all connected up, with the works train in the distance.

Meanwhile, back at Woody Bay in the warmth:

10. This winter’s closure period sees a chance to redecorate the Tea Rooms. Judy Williams and Carol–Anne are busy painting a new, lighter, colour scheme in the front parlour.

11. Regular volunteers Lindsay and Julian Palmer were painting away in the back parlour.

12. Nigel Spencer - wrapped up against the cold - returns to his fence repainting project. ISAAC is in steam ready for some test trains today.

Not photographed this week:

1. The carriage painters in the shed – Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann.

2. The Electrical Daves (Blencowe, Bloomfield and Drayson) were active too, with more lighting upgrades, and Jim Price installed a new shelf in the kitchen to display the home-made cakes.

13. More work for the signalling team: Dick, Don and Trevor tackle a seized lever mechanism as more preparation for future use along the railway's planned extension. Your reporter Nigel Thompson spent the day sorting out yet more signalling equipment just delivered, and preparing it for storage.

14. After brake checks to each carriage last week, ISAAC took them out to test that all was okay.

Words and photos (10-13) by Nigel Thompson. 1 - 9 & 14 kindly provided by Graham Rust.

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