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Work in Progress: 26th July


Roadworks TriangleAnd still, the sun shines ...

This week's report comes from Roger Bye who also supplied some of the photos along with Nigel Thompson and Graham Rust.

1. Under blue skies and sunshine, visitors enjoyed trips behind LYN, in the care of John and Dave, but...

2. ...there was work to be done. A well-manned track gang assembled to attend to various tasks around Bridge 67, with Graham supplying power, transport, and tools.

3. & 4. The ballast-retaining timbers on Bridge 67 had suffered from the (normal!) North Devon weather so were replaced. The fencing at both ends of the bridge was also attended to.

5. The majority of the gang tackled the realignment (known as jacking, packing and slewing) of the track on the Woody Bay side of Bridge 67. The line had become uneven both vertically and horizontally, probably due to the settlement of the ground over time. Also, the impact of the train wheels going over the rail joints producing the evocative sound, eventually causes the rail ends to drop at the rail joints.

6. Some sleepers were replaced. These and others were raised and levelled as necessary by jacking up the rails then packing ballast under the sleepers. As the line curves approaching Bridge 67 there is a cant (where the outer rail is slightly higher than the inner rail) which complicates the alignment.

7. & 8. Having evened-out the track, the gang, armed with crowbars, and instructed by Martyn sighting along the track, slewed the track sideways to ensure the curve approaching the bridge is even.

9. The engine crew reported back to the gang on how the alignment had improved the ride.

10. Back at Woody Bay, the three paint shop boys (Jim, Barrie, and Geoff) forged ahead with the brake van refurbishment.

11. & 12. In the workshop, Peter was mass-producing new pivot pins and washers for signalling equipment. You can't buy these in your local DIY supermarket! These pins are designed to be greased without having to take the mechanism apart.

13. In memory of the late Jeff Bunton - long-term and well-respected L&B Trustee, Paul Curson - also an L&B Trustee - generously funded the purchase of a pallet-lifting attachment for the L&B's excavator. These forks will allow us to offload items delivered on pallets and move pallets around the site much more easily. This will be much appreciated by all the staff and volunteers!

14. Outside the running shed, ISAAC receives attention from Nick whilst AXE is prepared for duty on the next day.

Meanwhile in the shed, Dave continued with work to provide power and lighting to the extended inspection pit.

In the shop and tea room, business was brisk with the holiday season in full swing.

Words, and some photos: Roger Bye. Other photos by Nigel Thompson and Graham Rust.

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