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Work in Progress: 27th June


Roadworks Triangle A HOT day with LYN!

The weather here in North Devon has at last become summer-like. High temperatures today, even at 1000 feet above sea level, Woody Bay! Flagship locomotive LYN was on duty today.

1. LYN at the coaling stage....

2. ...then about to run-round.

3. LYN arrives back at Woody Bay - always well photographed by visitors.

4. LYN shunting the SR bogie-open. With each in SOUTHERN livery, recreating a scene from the 1930's, but now in colour.

5. ISAAC on shed and available for traffic.

6. Stabled alongside AXE, having succesfully passed its 10 year boiler exam. With no boiler work required, the next task is to overhaul the motion.

7. Currently in the paint shop is Hunslet Diesel D6652 about to undergo repairs.

8. Yorkshire based volunteer Malcolm Tonge was busy cleaning inside the cab of D6652.

9. Dave Pratt, Graham Rust and Dave Hallett cut up more scrap wood for the firelighting store.

10. Roger Bye with Dave Evans and Dave Bloomfield finish off the station guttering project begun last week.

11. Later Dave Evans replaced some wood sections around this poster board.

12. Company Director Anne Belsey has updated all the visitor notices so that they are more uniform with matching fonts etc improving the image and information to our visitors.

13. & 14. The Thursday Gang volunteers enjoying their lunchtime break outside in the sunshine or shade.

15. Footplate crew today: Driver, John Uphill and Fireman Malcolm Smith.

16. Also on LYN's footplate, Trainee Fireman Roddy Haswell.

17. Time for a ride down the line. What a view!

18. At Killington Lane, Guards Bob Ayres and Jim Price by the lever frame.

19. LYN ready to depart Killington Lane under a cloudless sky.

20. & 21. At Bridge 67 the gang undertook fencing work designed to prevent sheep getting onto the track at this location.

22, 23. & 24. meanwhile at Killington Lane, the main job today was to replace the wooden gate post. Everyone took turns with the digging out the rotten post and assisted with installing the new one.

25. Back at Woody Bay, south Devon based volunteers - Julian and Lindsay Palmer came along today to carry out a repaint of the running-in boards. These signs were cast and installed onto the original posts as far back as 1995-7, helping to identify Woody Bay Station and our intended aims and ambitions.

26. We have come a long way since then, especially now with restored heritage carriages and new-build L&B locomotive LYN, in use and daily achieving its design capabilities.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson, apart from 20 & 21 by Roger Bye

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