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Work in Progress: 28th August

Throughout the summer, the small 'Friends of Chelfham Group' have continued various projects at the L&BR Trust's second original L&B station. Here are a few pictures showing progress on the down platform edge excavations, and trackbed clearance on the Trust's land at Chelfham.


1. This year John Edmonds has singlehandedly dug out the spoil to reveal the remains of the down platform (Lynton-bound) edge foundations. Last week he at last found the Bratton Fleming end bricks of this 165-foot platform.

2. THE END. Close up of the original bricks forming the ramped end of the down platform.

3. John cleans up around the bricks almost under the tarpaulins covering some stored equipment.

4. The exposed original stonework foundations 'start' opposite the station building. A display board shows an original photograph and explains some of the history of Chelfham.

5. On the Bratton side of Valley Cottage, the L&BR Trust's trackbed is now being cleared of undergrowth. Nigel Thompson pulls out some shallow tree roots from the trackbed.

6. Nigel with the tree root on the cleared trackbed.

7. The original fence line ends with a straining post, as Nigel reclaims a stone retaining wall from the undergrowth.

8. Close up of the original retaining wall after most of the moss and ivy had been cleared.

Volunteers are usually on site at Chelfham most Sundays and occasional other days mid-week. Other work to be undertaken includes:-
  • gardening, grass cutting and grounds maintenance
  • restoration of various items of signalling equipment
  • further trackbed clearance
  • restoration of the signal cabin
  • refurbishing the brick top of the platform edge
The Group welcome any extra help, interest or visits from L&B members and supporters.

Words and pictures by Nigel Thompson (and John Edmonds)

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