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Work in Progress: 28th June


Roadworks TriangleSteaming in the Summer Sun!

With Nigel incapacitated with a knee problem, this week's report is once again provided by Roger Bye and Graham Rust:

The delivery of the (HEAVY) specially cast concrete fence straining posts meant the erecting of fencing alongside the trackbed at Rowley Moor Farm could continue. This work is required to enable the fields bordering the trackbed to be made available to a local farmer for grazing.

1. At the easterly end of the fence line from Blackmoor Gate, Jimmy and Don help Martyn in the excavator to transport the massive strainer posts ...

2. ... and excavate holes for the new posts and strainers with the augur before lifting the posts into position.

3. Don and Jim were installing the straining posts down the embankment - tricky work.
Unfortunately, after "easily" installing two of the straining posts, they reached rock bottom - literally - as they battled with the slate and shillet.

4. After getting the posts firmly planted, they and others succeeded in erecting the straining wires. The stock-proof mesh is laid out alongside ready for next week!

5. Meanwhile, at the other end of the run, Dave, Chris, and Keith are busy erecting another post and strainer.

6. Steve, Nick, and Malcolm unroll the coil of high tensile wire (easier said than done) to form three straining wires and attach it to the posts with clips.

7. The stock-proof mesh was then unrolled and attached to the posts at each end and to the straining wires.

8. With droppers installed, this is the end result - over 100 metres of fencing complete. Only another few hundred metres to go!

9. Back at Woody Bay Dave re-plumbed the Gents' in plastic and stainless steel pipe and fittings, which hopefully will be more resistant to frost, whilst Jim was at the top of the world continuing the renovation of the down platform signal. Even 10 inch (250mm) solid oak posts suffer from the effects of the North Devon weather!

10. The two electrical Daves brought light to the depths of the inspection pit. These modern LED lights almost require the use of dark glasses!

11. A steady stream of passengers enjoyed trips behind LYN today, coming from as near as Minehead, and as far away as Australia.

Words and photos by Roger Bye & Graham Rust

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