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Work in Progress: 28th November Part 2

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Roadworks TriangleDown platform surfacing, sleepers and a full compliment of paint shop boys!

We begin with a couple of views of all the Paint Shop Boys in action on Carriage No.5.

1. We welcome back Barrie Cann (left) who returned this week to help after recent hospital treatment. Jim Pounds and Geoff Long were busy spreading the pre varnish lacquer onto the 'Welsh side'.

2. Meanwhile Phil Dixon was all alone tackling the 'French side'.

3. & 4. Progress with Hunslet D6652 as John Uphill prepares this air compressor for refitting in the locomotive currently stabled over the inspection pit.


5. & 6. The gang commenced work on the first sleepers to be replaced on the running line just below the headshunt.

7. Close-up of the split sleeper being removed here.

8. Today's sleeper gang pause for the camera. One down, only another ? to go.
No prizes for guessing how many more the gang will replace this winter!

Down Platform resurfacing project

Earlier this week, Martyn Budd had used the excavator to scrape off the turf and topsoil. The ground was then levelled ready for a new stone surface.

9. The stone was brought in alongside the platform in a DZ open wagon so that Martyn could scoop out bucket loads to spread on top of the membrane.

10. Keith Lamprey and Anne Belsey have helped all week, raking level the stone along the platform.

11. Daves Robinson and Drayson with the hi-tech levelling system used across the platform.

12. Electrical Dave Drayson was on hand to feed the wire to the replacement barley twist lamp post recentlly installed on the down platform replacing the rotten wooden one - just as the Southern Railway had done back in 1933.

13. The gang on the platform with the newly installed but unpainted lamp post.

14. At the Lynton end of the platform by the gate to Moorlands was also resurfaced.

15. Everyone rakes smooth the final bit of the platform here. Next week - after settling - the surface will be vibrated, rolled and finally, surface dressed.

16. A very satisfied General Manager Martyn Budd (far left) with everyone involved, pose for the camera at the end of the day.

Text and photos by Nigel Thompson

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