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Work in Progress: 29th June


Roadworks TriangleCooler and wetter this week!

This week sees the return of Nigel Thompson to reporting duties.

Well last week we were complaining it was just too hot in the heat-wave to do much. But this week sees a return to unsettled conditions and perhaps more traditional British if not Exmoor weather. This of course keeps people off the beach and therefore exploring inland and finding us. So it's been a busy week for visitors enjoying their day at Woody Bay Station. The Thursday gang were busy too with lots going on......

1. Firstly here is signalling engineer Dick Gunn with a spring rod mechanism for the next signal post to be constructed.

2. Alistair Burgess had a go at tidying up some of the spilt coal after the coaling stage had been replenished this week.

Inside the shed.

3. Jim Pounds cleans up an air filter for PILTON.

4. Barrie Cann paints one of PILTON'S engine covers.

5. Dave Evans has now completed the new double doors leading into the workshop.

6. Peter Wainwright on the milling machine cutting notches into a piece of bar rodding as part of the points interlocking for a future lever fame.

7. Resident Engineer John Uphill shows off a pipe holder made especially for the vacuum brake system for E762 LYN - our new-build Baldwin 2-4-2T No.762 now nearing completion.

8. Another fencing project was begun today as Martin Steel and Dave Robinson remove some Southern Railway concrete fence posts adjacent to the miniature railway.

9. The fence posts removed and temporarily laid alongside the 7.25" railway.

10, 11 & 12. Views showing the route of the miniature railway.

13. Today's locomotive ISAAC with fireman Dave Hallett.

14. A now completed fencing project above the toilet block as Keith Lamprey, Dave Bloomfield and Malcolm Kitchen pose with ISAAC behind.

15. Last but not least - Guard Bob Ayres enjoyed his busy day with may passengers carried today.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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