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Work in Progress: 29th November


Roadworks TriangleNot long now to the Santa Specials!

November has felt like it was very long month this year. Trains have still been operating - if only on Tuesday mornings and the Thursday Gang have been hard at work every week either renewing sleepers, finishing off the safety rails around the new enlarged pit, progressing ISAAC's retrun to steam, upgrading signalling equipment, and also the refurbishment/repairs to carriage No.17.

Paint Shop Boys

1. In the Guards Van part of carriage No.17, Barrie, Jim and Geoff pose, as Barrie finalises polishing one of the droplights.

2. Barrie Cann also refitted one of the guards door handle after some adjustments.

3. Jim Pounds carrying out more preparation for touching-up the paintwork of carriage No.17.

4. Geoff Long was also busy sanding down areas prior to painting.

Santa Specials Preparations

5. Not long to go now! A poster at Woody Bay reminding visitors to book now for their Santa Specials. Some trains are already sold out!

6. Whilst most of the guys and a few of the gals were busy at Dean Steep as part of the "Working Weekend", the '(Grottettes) Jules Snashall, Sonia Oakey and Liz Tagart were busy decorating the marquee at Woody Bay, ready to receive this years Santa Specials.

7. Santa's Grotto awaits in the marquee.

8. AXE on shed ready for the Santa Specials.

9. AXE has been the Tuesday morning loco this month. Driver Graham Bridge, cleans out the "char" from the smokebox as part of preparations for next Tuesday's operations.

10. Next job for Graham was to procure some wood ready for the warming fire which will be lit next Monday afternoon.

There was much other unrecoded work carried out today.

This morning at Dean Steep the Thursday were tasked with the remaining unfinished fencing projects left over from the recent Winter Working Weekend there. Later, the tools were stored away and the old fencing wire removed from site.

Back at Woody Bay there was more work on the Inspection Pit, and also ISAAC in preparation of the locos return to service next year, whilst outside a small gang risked the showers to renew a few more sleepers down the line.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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