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Work in Progress: 29th September


Roadworks TriangleAfter the Gala, it's back to normal!

Our thanks to Nigel Thompson for today's report - 29th September on the anniversary of the railway's closing 81 years ago .

1. An ‘ordinary’ scene at Woody Bay., Guard Bob Ayres checks tickets before showing visitors to their carriage. The railway was quite busy at times all day. Over 300 people carried today.

2. ISAAC - today’s locomotive with driver Pete Williams.

3. A busy shed scene with large, medium and small L&B locomotives resting after the Gala. CHARLES WYTOCK (left) had worked the heavy goods, whilst AXE (middle) and ‘Britain's newest steam locomotive’ FAITH (right) had been shuttling about along the loading dock and headshunt sidings.

The Thursday after the Gala is usually a busy day for the volunteers to tidy up, and store away the smaller marquees, tables and signs. All this work was completed in the morning.

4. Don Wood arrives for his afternoon ‘shift’ in a shed of green locomotives.

5. A major tidy up and clean up took place in the back of the shed in preparation for the winter maintenance of the heritage carriages. Jim Pounds (right) supervised Dave Evans and Dave Pratt with large diesel locomotive PILTON stabled behind.

6. With the others ‘assisting’ or ‘watching’, Alistair Burgess had a go at shovelling all the ash from the pit outside the shed.

7. Jim Price pauses during his painting of the concrete cabin doors to observe ISAAC departing a sunny Woody Bay with an afternoon train.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson

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