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Work in Progress: 2nd August


Roadworks TrianglePeak holiday time

With August upon us the railway settles down to maximising the visitor experience. With cooler, cloudier weather, the visitors are naturally drawn to the inland attractions. So our four carriage train, the miniature railway, the shop and catering were busy all day. Workwise, there was some tidying up of scrap too for the volunteers today to make some public viewing areas more pleasant.

1. Regular Thursday Guard Bob Ayres back on duty today.

2. Diesel loco PILTON stabled in the loading dock.

3. Dave Hallett and Graham Varney with LYN prior to another departure. Unusually from the down platform due to a shunt move earlier.

4. & 5. The miniature railway has been operating all week with Claire Jeans. On a busy day this little railway can carry over a 100 people!

6. The Paint Shop Boys of Barrie and Jim have 'escaped' and are heading for lunch.

7. & 8. Lunch for the Thursday gang is outside the mess room observing the train passing again.

9. & 10. The main task for today's Thursday gang was to gather up and stack a pile of old rails and scrap from outside the shed. This was left over from last winter's rerailing of the pit road.

11. More pallets for fire lighting are being cut up by Dave Pratt and Graham Rust.

12. Another job today was creocoting the wooden fence to the toilets by Anne Belsey and Tim Woods.

13. Dave Evans continues repairs to the picnic tables on the upper lawn whilst locomotive LITTLE OLLIE with the miniature train waits beyond.

Words, and photos: Nigel Thompson.

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