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Work in Progress: 2nd May


Roadworks Triangle Not so warm today!

Nigel Thompson has sent us this weeks report.

Not long to the Gala....

This time next week, the staff and volunteers at Woody Bay will be so busy with all the preparations required for the forthcoming (May 11th and 12th) ' Spring Steam Weekend '.

However, this Thursday was a normal operating day and volunteers continued with the various projects/tasks necessary for the railway's continued operation.

1. LYN was on train duties today. PILTON is stabled in the loading dock.

2. A comparison of SOUTHERN livery styles.

3. The other locomotive in action today was Hunslet diesel HEDDON HALL with the works train, as Tim Woods poses with tools he intends to use today....

4. Earlier, Tim and Dave Pratt were cutting up scrap wood for the firelighting. A folding bench is prepared to assist with this job.

5. Martin Harvey - a new Assistant Guard - checks tickets.

6. LYN's footplate crew today included Geoff Loynes as fireman (left) and Murray Dods as the driver. (Driver Graham Bridge was also around overseeing operations).

In the Paint Shop

7. & 8. .... Geoff Long and Jim Pounds tidy up paintwork of Carriage No.7, in advance of next week's special event.

Chris Shields was "up the line"

9. Trackwork up the line as this rail joint was adjusted and tightened after the earlier oiling programme.

10. LYN passes by with a "down" train. A peculiarity of this railway is that the down direction actually goes up the gradient to Woody Bay.

11. Martyn Budd and Roger Bye check the levels here whilst the jacking and packing progresses.

12. Cold work as Keith Lamprey and Nick Brown take their turn with the Robel Tamper Machines tamping ballast under the sleepers.

Words and photos Nigel Thompson (with Chris Shields 9-12)


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