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Work in Progress: 31st January


Roadworks TriangleWhat a difference a week makes!

This weeks report is once again provided by Roger Bye.

Another collection of photos in the very cold and eventually snowy weather!

1. & 2. It was just above freezing when the Thursday Gang arrived at Woody Bay today and snow was soon on the way...

3. As the track gang walked down the line they could see the improved curve of the track after the slewing efforts of the Weekend Working Party. See HERE.

4. As further jacking and packing was on the agenda today - the jacks were put in place.

5. The track "cant" and "level" were adjusted. Here Martyn discusses the process with new volunteer Clive.

6. Ballast was packed with the new petrol-driven equipment. Dave and Dave were in action with Martyn, Roger, Nick, Steve and Clive, waiting their turn to share in this exhausting work.

7. A snow flurry encouraged a retreat for lunch!

8. Jim was at work rubbing down carriage paintwork prior to the final varnish while...

9. & 10 ...Geoff and Barry, armed with tooth brushes, painstakingly cleaned dirt and soot out of the nooks and crannies of the carriage.

11. & 12. In the workshop Peter was producing replacement carriage door handle shafts and has made a jig to facilitate accurate assembly of the handle and shaft.

13. One of the Electrical Daves was installing emergency lighting. Another Electrical Dave was carrying out repairs in the shop.

14. Engineer John had machined a new part for ISAAC's valve motion, shown here with the old component. The double bearing design should improve operation and reduce wear compared with the original single bearing fitment.

15. & 16. A mitred end was machined on the end of the new component in preparation for welding it to the end of the motion shaft.

17. & 18. As forecast, snow descended on Woody Bay in the early afternoon and, despite the great camaraderie among the Thursday volunteers, an early departure for home was preferable to an enforced overnight stay in the mess room!

Words and pictures by Roger Bye.

A few views taken by Keith Lamprey after everyone else had gone home!

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