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Work in Progress: 3rd January


Roadworks TriangleHappy New Year: Still more sleeper renewals but somewhere different!

This weeks report comes from Nigel Thompson - some sun - but still cold!

1. A quiet Woody Bay Station today - passenger trains commence 17th February.

2. In the paint shop, more work on Carriage 17 for Geoff Long (left) and Jim Pounds.

3. Another rolling stock project completed recently was been to redeck the well-wagon with steel checker plate. This project was made possible after a deal with Babcock Marine Shipyard at Appledore involving exchanging some scrap rail for the steel plate.

4. Keith Lamprey has been busy showing off his hedge laying skills along the top of earth bank between the railway and Moorlands Hotel.

With no train movements to the shed, the opportunity was taken to relay the line by the coaling stage. Three lengths of track had to be disconnected and lifted out of the way. The softwood sleepers would be replaced with new hardwoods, the rails laid exactly as they were and then drill/spiked to gauge before ballasting and packing.

5. & 6.  With everything and everyone out of the way, Martyn Budd in the excavator dug out all the old ballast and ash from the formation of this line.

7. The gang return to the site after lunch to crowd around fixing the first new sleeper which actually goes under the turnout end.

8. & 9. The new sleepers are laid out roughly in line. Dave Peach suggests which gaps need closing or opening further.

10. & 11. High points of ballast had to be dug out by hand. Martyn Budd has left Fred the dog in charge here for a moment!

12. Next, the gang using the rail tongs carry the rails and lay them onto the sleepers.

13. & 14. The rails in place, then bolted up before eventually spiking to gauge.

This set of photos came from Roger Bye:

Words and photos 1 - 14 Nigel Thompson. 15 - 18 Roger Bye

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