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Work in Progress: 3rd May


Roadworks TriangleShakespeare and sheep - but not necessarily in that order!

With Nigel away on holiday and Roger Bye away for the weekend, For this the first May report, Graham Rust has stepped in to provide us with this weeks photos and captions - notwithstanding his finishing work sometime between midnight and 2.30am!

1. A works train was used to transport the Thursday Gang along the line towards Killington Lane. Here is the train returning with Driver Graham driving and Guard Ali . Graham reported seeing a ewe lying on its back in one of the fields.

2. Martyn Budd went to investigate and commenced retuning the sheep to its proper upright position.

3. The correct procedure is to do this in two stages. First, roll the sheep half way but still keep it pinned down. Secondly, wait and then roll it onto its feet. If sheep are rolled over too quickly it can twist the gut. Read on for the Shakespearian connection!

The Thursday gang were hard at work as always. With a large number it is possible to break into smaller teams allocated to specific tasks.

4. One team are replacing sleepers while another has started the annual task of greasing the fishplates.

5. A freshly greased pair of fishplates.  Fishplates are what join the ends of the rails together leaving a small gap. When the weather is hot the rails expand. Greasing allows the rails to move and the gap takes up the expansion. Without this gap and the ability to slide the rails would buckle.

6. Meanwhile back at Woody Bay, Barry is carrying out running repairs to carriage No. 11 while still in service. Sunshine on the south-facing sides of the carriages can cause the paint to blister and peel off in certain areas. As this vehicle will be the next to enter the paint-shop over the winter, it just needs a bit of TLC to keep it looking good for now .

7. Outside the shed, Peter and Nick (and an unseen John) are working on ISAAC.

8. The current task is the lubrication of the valve chests. Here is the right hand one.

9. Now that spring has finally sprung, Mary and Don have been busy planting out the various flower beds. Apparently there are green fingers inside those gloves! Not a task immediately associated with running a heritage railway, but still important. You don't necessarily have to be interested in railways to volunteer!

10. An ongoing project is the new signalling arrangements. A detection cable has been run from the Up Starter signal to the signal cabin. Here Roger and Don feed the cable under the platform into the cabin.

11. A shallow trench has been dug along the edge of the up platform to accommodate the cable.

12. Jim puts the finishing touches to the new signal on the Down platform.

13. Inside the signal cabin, the detection cable will be attached to a repeater. This is repeater 9B already in the cabin linked to the Down Home signal. The detection cable will be connected to a second repeater. This will be designated 2B (or not 2B that is the question).

14. In a field near Rowley Moor Farm, Keith is busy with a concrete post along the line of original trackbed.

15. Here is the line of posts on the far side of the boggy trackbed. Beyond is a taste of the glorious views that will be enjoyed once the extension is complete.

Words and photos: Graham Rust

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