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Work in Progress: 3rd November


Roadworks TriangleThe railway may be closed most days, but there is still lots of work going on!

Nigel Thompson has sent us this report of the work undertaken today

1. Work began today on two more rail-built signal posts. Dick Gunn uses the angle grinder to form a groove for bolt fixing.

2. Don Newnham too uses his grinder at the other end…..

3. …..and completing the trio Trevor Buck also has a go.

4. More work being carried out on Carriage No.17. Jim Pounds masks a panel of the first class compartment door prior to painting.

5. Richard Willey came along today to assist Jim and an unseen Barrie Cann. Richard rubs down the luggage compartment doors on this historic heritage vehicle.

6. Drewry diesel PILTON’s restoration has progressed sufficiently for ‘electrical’ Dave Drayson to look at the wiring loom for the cab controls.

7. Outside, Driver Pete Williams is working on ISAAC - cleaning the underframe.

8. No passenger trains today but a works train collected scrap sleepers and delivered new sleepers along the line. HEDDON HALL with the short train arrives back at Woody Bay for the lunch break.

The large track gang today were engaged on the sleeper replacement program. Here is a set of photos from Roger Bye of the gang at work.

9. Preparing the works train at Woody Bay.

10. Unloading new sleepers.

11. Loading redundant sleepers.

12. Stacking old sleepers on the bonfire at Killington Lane.

13. The large track gang are shown here replacing sleepers along the section near the car park.  Today, 9 sleepers were changed in about 2 hours.

The Thursday gang have now renewed almost 200 sleepers this year. Thanks to all those volunteers who have contributed towards keeping our railway in tip-top condition for many years to come.

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE NOTE: Due to impending roadworks on the A39 near Parracombe - the usual Thursday gang will next week be working on Wednesday 16th instead.

Meanwhile at Chelfham; this week’s dry weather week has been ideal to re-commence the trackbed clearance project with some bonfires.

1. Linda Swallow, and Frank Daff attend to the trackbed bonfire north of Chelfham.

2. The team have been clearing away much of the overhanging branches allowing a clearer walk through this section.

3. Ali Burgess was also on site assisting with this bonfire.

4. Original Southern Railway gate posts discovered in the undergrowth.

Also, the sections of the SR ‘Howard Van’ stored at Chelfham have now been moved into storage elsewhere. These surviving sections will one day become part of an L&BR Trust project to restore this original item of rolling stock.

Photos No. 9 - 12: Roger Bye. Words and remainder of photos Nigel Thompson.

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