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Work in Progress: 4th April


Roadworks TriangleHail did not stop play!

Combined report this week by Nigel Thompson and Roger Bye

This week the weather has been April Showers but up here on Exmoor it's cold enough to be hail showers. Even some snow had fallen overnight around the surrounding hills. However all this didn't prevent the L&BR from operating as usual for today's visitors. There was as much work as ever at Woody Bay and along the line.

1. AXE ready to leave with today's two carriage train.

2. Two Grahams on the footplate. Driver Bridge and Fireman Rust.

3. PILTON stabled in loading dock with Carriage No.11.

4. AXE at the coaling stage alongside a PW trolley with Carriage No.17's bogie undergoing its annual overhaul.

5. Carriage No.17 in the shed jacked up over the pit as its bogie is outside being overhauled.

6. Paint Shop Boys: Jim Pounds finishes off painting the shunt-limit lamp, whilst Barrie Cann completes touching-up ISAAC's tanks.

7. Visiting volunteer, Ian James from Hampshire, was busy spreading extra chippings onto the public path to the toilets.

Four photos from Roger Bye of the work on the track today. Weather was appalling - rain and sleet!

8. One group was replacing sleepers (7 today). Here they are in deep discussion about how to tackle the next one...

9. ...and here standing back as AXE heads away from stormy skies over Killington Lane.

10. Not too far away, another group were jacking and packing while keeping watch for the next train...

11. ...and then checking for sleeper movement as the train passes. Falling sleet can just be seen against AXE's cab and the end of the carriage!

Words and photos 1-7, by Nigel Thompson. 8-11 by Roger Bye

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