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Work in Progress: 4th July


Roadworks Triangle Still sunny!

A very hot day and still a variety of tasks.

1. ISAAC was in charge of the train today. Arriving at Woody Bay under a perfect Devon sky.

2. Running-round as Chris Shields looks on.

3. The Paint Shop Boys - Geoff Long and Jim Pounds - found an outside painting job today. Primer coats applied to the new water crane.

The main job today was for the Thursday gang to dig yet more holes! This is for a new fence line from the down platform by the trees to the woodland path using the standard SR style concrete posts and wire.

4. 5. 6. & 7. In the morning separate teams dug out their respective holes before the posts were installed and the wire hung out.

This fence will ensure that all visitors remain on the safe side of the fence line whilst photographing the trains passing by.

8. & 9. Roger Bye took these two pictures from the train. They show the completed work at Bridge No.67 of the extra side fencing to prevent sheep getting onto the line.

10. Another view at Woody Bay as the train arrives again, photographed by several visitors.

11. Guard, Bob Ayres pulls levers in the signal cabin.

12. ISAAC's footplate crew:  Fireman John Heys, and Driver Graham Bridge are revealed as the back cab plate has been removed making it more comfortable for the crew during this hot weather.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson, apart from 8 & 9 by Roger Bye

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