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Work in Progress: 4th May


Roadworks TriangleAfter voting, its L&BR time!

Nigel Thompson returns to provide this week's report.

Despite the politics in the news today, the railway work must go on.

The spring Gala is fast approaching so some early preparation work was carried out today by the Thursday Gang. Tables, chair, and barbecues were brought out of storage to be readied for next week's event. The track gang resumed more sleeper replacements down the line, and the train service was operated by resident locomotive Bagnall 0-4-2T ISAAC with three of the heritage carriages.

1. Today’s footplate crew on ISAAC are Driver Murray Dods and Fireman Andy Young.

2. Quite busy at Woody Bay with the spring visitors as ISAAC departs past a resting track gang.

3. This morning’s job was to replace a crossing timber under the turnout at the Barnstaple end at Woody Bay. General Manager Martyn Budd (in blue overalls) places a jack to release pressure from the rails.

4. Later, the ballast was packed around the new sleeper with the Kango Hammer.

5. Everyone moved aside when ISAAC returned with the train.

6. & 7. Work continues on PILTON, as Jim Pounds (left) prepares some bodywork sections for painting, Barrie Cann (right) is also making progress, and PILTON is now in the ‘paint shop’ awaiting its black livery.

8. Electrical Dave Bloomfield was assisted by Dave Evans as a strip light was replaced in the shed.

9. An alternative view of the station and of the fence-painters Nigel Spencer (left) and Terry Masterson, as they tackle the down platform poles behind the replica advertising signs.

10. A new job for ‘trainee catering assistant’ and Guard, Bob Ayres - delivering the important teas to the footplate crew.

11. ISAAC’s owner Tim celebrated his birthday today at Woody Bay by enjoying several trips over the line on the footplate of his loco. Thanks Tim, not only for your continued support of the L&BR but also for providing the railway with ISAAC - an essential part of our operations in recent years.

Words and photos: Nigel Thompson

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