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Work in Progress: 5th July


Roadworks TriangleFencing progress!

This week's report is provided by Graham Bendell who was only at Woody Bay for three hours yesterday after dropping some friends off in Tiverton and prior to collecting them later

Another sunny and warm day with good passenger loadings - many visitors taking advantage of the shady spots around the station, including visitors from Germany and America - all very interested in the railway.

1. Today’s engine crew, Driver Graham and Fireman Bradley, just about to set off for Killington Lane.

2. LYN leaves.

Principal activity today was to progress the fencing job at Rowley Moor Farm. The gang was also working on Wednesday, as the job needs to be finished before livestock can be put in the fields. Attaching sheep netting to the wire was the first task, followed by pressing on with the fencing on the opposite boundary.

3. Clipping a dropper to the parallel wires. & 4. Fixing the sheep netting at one end prior to straining up.

5. The excavator was used to provide the tension while the netting was clipped up.

6. The “Welsh side" fence almost ready.

7. The “Welsh side" completed.

8. The “French side" progressing well with the parallel wires attached.

9. The gang pose in the sunshine for a group photograph. A job well done in arduous conditions.

Meanwhile back at Woody Bay Station

10. Nigel sorting out second-hand books and paintings

11. In the shop, Jim and Dave looking serious. Dave was disappointed that I had forgotten my wallet today!

12. LYN arrives back ….

13. … and goes to the shed yard …..

14. … to join AXE which was being prepared to haul next week’s services as LYN is undergoing work to increase it's boiler pressure.

15. In the Paint Shop, Barrie carried out more painting on Isaac.

16. Jim and Jeff continue the repairs to the brake van.

17. In the workshop John lapped in ISAAC’s regulator while, in the background, Peter sets up a job on the lathe.

18. Today’s assistant guard, John, at the Woody Bay signalbox.

Words and photos by Graham Bendell except for 7 – 9 which came from Roger Bye.

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