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Work in Progress: 5th October


Roadworks TriangleGetting back to normal.

This week's report comes from Nigel Thompson:

As expected the morning activity for everyone on the Thursday group was to gradually return Woody Bay back to normal after our most successful gala ever.

The smaller marquees were taken down and stored away together with the tables and chairs and signs and fencing etc. The larger marquees were taken down and packed away earlier this week by the event contractors, as were the portable loos, which were all loaded up and removed from site.

General Manager, Martyn Budd wishes to express his thanks to all those that played a part in last weekend's major event which was a great success. A huge effort by everyone concerned.

1. Time to repaint the paint shop! Jim Pounds takes advantage of the time in between the various repaints to white-wash the paint shop walls...

2. ...whilst our other painter, Barrie Cann, has a go at the ceiling.

Locos on shed

3. AXE.

4. LYN.


6. ISAAC was today's service-engine working our passenger trains.

After lunch the track gang recommenced the sleeper changing programme. This one is just below the overflow car park field.

7. Assembling the tools in winter sunshine.

8. Unscrewing the plates.

9. Releasing the plates off the rails.

10. Pulling out the old sleeper.

11. Dave Hallett was fireman on ISAAC.

12.Graham Varney, driver, oiling round.

13. Guard Bob Ayres checks tickets.

14. In the shop Tony Cross was busy sorting out old £1 coins as they cease to be legal tender from after October 15th.

15. An afternoon shunt around of the locos saw LYN outside briefly today.

16. PILTON shunts LYN well photographed by a few lucky visitors.

17. Almost the full set! PILTON, LYN and AXE outside the shed today.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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