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Work in Progress: 5th September

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Roadworks TriangleCarriage No.5 out and about!

Roger Bye has sent us a few words and a bumper selection of photos of the work being carried out in North Devon this week.

1. Early in the day Jonathan, Dave and Graham were (yet again!) sorting and cutting scrap wood for loco firing. Van 23's bogies are on the flat wagon in the foreground awaiting attention.

2. Thomas was preparing ISAAC for duty.

3. In the paint shop Phil and Barrie were concluding the painting of the DZ wagon.

4. & 5. In the workshop Peter was making parts for the vacuum braking system on Carriage No.5, while John was fitting them.

6. Outside Tim was greasing point blades, Don checking signals while in the background Graham was dispensing wild flower seeds in the hope of a fine display next year.

7. Graham was replacing a failed (and almost inaccessible) coolant pipe on HEDDON HALL.

8. & 9. Behind the engine shed Malcolm and Chris completed clearance of vegetation and debris.

10. & 11. This clearance uncovered the base of what was the rail-built SR Up-Home signal (in later years, the only upper-quadrant signal on the line). This is just beyond the down starter signal - almost in the centre of the black and white image.

EXE heads for Lynton 1935. The signal (red arrow) was located on the "wrong" side of the track to improve visibility for Barnstaple-bound trains on the bend.

12. With school holidays at an end it was the turn of those with younger or grown up children to enjoy the railway....

13......and keep Tony busy in the shop.

14. & 15. A trip in the guard's van from Woody Bay to Killington Lane revealed other activity..

16. & 17. Nick and Steve were hard at work continuing to clear and move the accumulated vegetation, uncovering  hidden and almost forgotten railway items.

18. The cleared material was consigned to a bonfire under the care of Anne - just visible through the haze as ISAAC runs round a train at Killington Lane.

19. & 20. Later in the afternoon a surprise extra train arrived at Killington Lane - AXE on a test run with our new Carriage No.5. On board were a number of Thursday's volunteers acting as passengers checking that all was in order prior to the carriage entering service.

Words and photos by Roger Bye

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