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Work in Progress: 6th April


Roadworks TriangleSunny weather but some of us are in the shed!

At last spring is here. The Easter Weekend went well and with the school holidays upon us, there's plenty of visitors about.

1. Today's train crew: Driver Graham Bridge, Fireman Lee Moseley, Guards Jamie Ward and Bob Ayres with AXE.

2. LYN was parked outside the shed and well photographed by several visitors all day.

3. L&B Trust Member Ted Lawrence (left) delivered this sack barrow back to Woody Bay today. Restored at his home in Plymouth, Ted was able to graft in some new wood around the original sections. There remain several other projects such as various donated sack trucks which could be also be restored at home. Any willing volunteers out there?

Meanwhile the Thursday gang projects continue

4. ISAAC's boiler cladding panels and dome are now having the top coats of paint applied by Jim Pounds and Barrie Cann.

5. The signalling team were making the final adjustments to the detector mechanism for the new down platform up starter signal as AXE runs-round.

6. Signals Engineer Dick Gunn waits patiently for the '"yes, ok" from General Manager Martyn Budd as the cable and locking bars are checked for the last time.

7. The modified lettering on Lever No.2's signal plate now has the "down loop up starter" description.

8. Some members of the Thursday Gang decided to enjoy the sunshine and take the PWay trolley down the line to continue more sleeper renewals…

9. ..whilst other members of the Thursday gang filled some potholes in the car park...

10. Other members of the gang stayed in the shed to work on concreting the ends of the extended Inspection Pit.

11. Commencing concreting at the door end - Dave Peach has a go at shovelling aggregate into the mixer.

12. Dave again, but now at the Lynton end of the shed, prior to mixing the concrete for the floor at this end.

13. Nick Brown in charge of the mixer as Steve shovels the mix around the track...

14. ..and then levels off the concrete flush with the rails.

15. Roger Bye shovelling the mix of six aggregate, to one of cement into the mixer.

16. The gang pose with the work completed and a smooth floor at the Lynton end of the shed.


17. Oh no! Who has stepped in it? Everyone’s boots were inspected to find out the culprit. The area was of course easily smoothed over.

Words and photos by Nigel Thompson.

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