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Work in Progress: 6th December


Roadworks TriangleThe Rain it Raineth!

With Nigel away this week, Roger Bye has once again sent us some pictures and few words about today's weather limited activities.

1. Heavy rain and wind greeted stalwart members of the Thursday Gang this week on arrival at Woody Bay.

2. The appalling weather forced an early tea break!

3. PILTON was braving the elements at the head of a rake of carriages...

4. ...while AXE, LYN and ISAAC were comfortably housed in the shed where John, Dave and Graham were preparing  LYN for service this weekend.

5. In the shelter of the paint shop Jim was continuing the exterior carriage renovation work...

6. ...while Barrie persevered with the drop-light renovation - 35 done - 35 more to do - just halfway!

7. In the workshop Peter was making some new spindles for the carriage handles.

8. The original spindles have a threaded section (just visible in above photo) which distorts in use - restricting the free movement of the door handle. Despite various attempted remedial measures, new spindles are needed.

9. From left to right an original spindle (note the thread.), a partially manufactured and a finished new spindle.

10. A new spindle fitted into the handle assembly. A pin is inserted in the hole in the handle to secure the handle and spindle together.

11. With the weather still horrible...

12. ... an early lunch was taken with Martyn taking the opportunity to explain some of the theory and practice behind some of the tasks that the Thursday Gang tackle including track laying etc.

13. And finally...Rachel brought some festive cheer to the day by installing some lights and Christmas decorations in the shop ready for the Santa Specials this coming weekend!

Words and photos by Roger Bye.

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