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Work in Progress: 6th July


Roadworks TriangleA glorious Devon day!

This week's bumper photo report is by Roger Bye.

Another hot and busy today at Woody Bay.

1. Passengers of all ages today at Woody Bay were welcomed by...

2...summer flower displays... and 3..trains running under blue skies.

4. ISAAC was in steam today under the care of...

5. Fireman Andy Foster and Driver Graham Varney. Apparently working as a very close team!

6. & 7. Thursday Gang work today included the final painting of PILTON by Barrie Cann. Notice his reflection in the new paint - whilst...

8... Jim Pounds renovating the plaque that normally adorns the buildings adjacent to the former Barnstaple Town Station - the terminus of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway.

9. & 10. A pile of sawn up pallets for engine firewood was evidence of the essential efforts of early gang arrivals.

11. & 12. Peter Wainwright continued to machine the cast iron lever frame interlock blocks in the workshop.

13. The Great Lamp post Project was tackled today by Keith Lamprey and colleagues. This was to install heritage lamppost at the start of the path to the toilet block. The post had been cleaned up and red oxide painted in preparation for installation. Notice the beautiful cast detail of the post. The base of the lamp will fit over the spigot at the top of the post while the cross bar (originally to support the lamp lighter’s ladder) will fit in the hole towards the top of the post.

14. & 15. Having established and proved a route for the power cable to the lamp, excavation for the (large!) hole for the post was started.

16. By the end of the afternoon Keith and Graham, under the watchful eye of today’s controller, Dave Evans, the post was in place. 17.With the assistance of Ali Burgess soil was rammed around the post base. Note the ducting for the cable sticking out of the top of the post.

18. Nigel Spencer started on the renovation and painting of the double gates into the Tea Gardens.

19. Today’s Controller Dave Evans demonstrated his versatility by dealing with a plumbing problem in the toilets.

20. While ISAAC had a breather, Ali cleared out the ash pit.

21. Out on the track, four Daves, assisted by Roger and Kevin for variety, continued the sleeper replacement programme.  It was hot work today under the sunny blue skies but another six sleepers were replaced.

22. 23. & 24. The short breaks when the train arrived from Woody Bay, ran round at Killington Lane (under the control of today’s afternoon Guard, Jim Price) and returned to Woody Bay were most welcome!

25. Finally the Guard’s view back towards Killington Lane after another busy Thursday.

Words and photos by Roger Bye apart from 10,18 & 19 from Graham Bendall

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