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Work in Progress: 6th June


Roadworks Triangle June has arrived bringing sunshine and showers!

Busy week, this week with a variety of tasks to undertake in several locations.

1. The clouds evident in this view towards the Bristol channel, did give a hint of changeable weather to come today.

2. At the other end of the station, LYN was being prepared for duty by today's crew who were (right to left) Driver Graham,  trainee firemen Tom, trainee driver Dave and Guard Bob.

3. & 4. On the platform another Dave was replacing a poster board which had finally succumbed to the Exmoor climate. The new Board is now in place and ready for painting.

5. & 6. In the paint shop Geoff continued with carriage painting while Jim carried out some much need renovation of roof fittings which were showing signs of deterioration also due to North Devon weather.

Away from Woody Bay, on the trackbed above Dean Steep, near Barbrook, the local deer population had objected to a fence being erected across their preferred path and had managed to dislodge the wires and mesh off of the posts as they crossed over the trackside fence.

7. Keith and Jonathan were tasked with repairing and reinforcing the fence. Further along the trackbed Chris and Nick retrieved serviceable concrete posts that had been removed when a recent working party had renovated the fence.

8. Even further along the track bed more of the Thursday Gang were clearing gorse and bracken from the fence line as preparation for installing wire and stock-proof netting to the original posts sometime soon. The temporarily discarded waterproofs are evidence of the vagaries of today's weather. Notice the glorious views to Exmoor that future L&B passengers will see!

9. The fence posts can now be seen and accessed right down to the end of the (fence) line.

10. Here beside Bridge No.78 the straining post has completely disappeared, but the bracing strut defiantly lives on!

11. The final job today was to collect up the usable concrete posts, transport them back to Woody Bay...

12. ... where they were stacked for future use. John looks back at the stack of fence posts with relief that the heavy work is done!

13. & 14. And finally these two views of LYN in action today - taken from almost the same location - show how the weather (and view) can change at Woody Bay.

Words and photos Roger Bye.

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